Touched Twice United

Creative Director

TTU (Touched Twice United) is an organization that hosts free clinics around the country. As a marketing campaign to promote their services, they purchased a space at Lifest, and needed a way to draw people to our tent. I proposed a strategy to give out free coffee every morning and organize a flash mob, and the owners loved the idea.

I consulted with Equal Exchange to get the 20 pounds of free coffee, and created an advertisement for free coffee at our booth in the Lifest newsletter. I created a flyer with a QR code that linked to a website with directions for the flash mob. I directed a dozen volunteers to walk around the event, handing out the flyers and spreading the word about the flash mob.

Both campaigns were huge successes. Every morning we had floods of people coming into our tent to get free coffee, the entire music festival was talking about our flash mob during the week, and we got over 500 people to participate.